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Tree Disease Diagnostic Tool

There are hundreds of different fungi infections and diseases that afflict Arizona Trees, however, there are some common infections that you can easily diagnose yourself without an Arborist.  Click below to see our online diagnostic guide.

Common diseases that affect Arizona trees

Low Water Usage Plant Resource for Arizona

If you are conscious of the environment and you live in Arizona,  this is a great resource to help you select plants for your landscape that do not require large amounts of water to maintain.

Desert friendly plants that do not require much water to survive

Top Irrigation Problems in Arizona

Irrigation is a necessity in Arizona if you want your landscape to survive and thrive.  It is the foundation of any organic landscape and it is important to maintain the system appropriately to avoid several costly problems (Replacement of dying plants, removal and replacement of dead trees, water leak causing high water bills, etc.)

A list of common problems with irrigation systems in Arizona and how to fix them

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